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~Several years ago, I became good friends with a girl named Katrina. She lived in Buffalo, New York and we talked daily both by phone, MySpace, and Yahoo messenger for several hours. We had many interesting conversations and as well as shared and/or vented about our personal lives. As part of her therapy, she had an assignment one week and asked me if she could “use” me as part of her project…This is what the end result was. I have a really hard time believing what she wrote, but thought I would share it anyway!~

♾~Things I admire about you~♾

1. You won’t put up with whining and you won’t give in no matter how much someone pouts.

2. Your confidence makes it easy to trust you.

3. You put others first (even when you should probably put yourself first – for instance, your health).

4. You don’t see a whole lot of movies or current television shows or commercials. Haha I didn’t think I did either until I started saying, “Hey, you know this…?” And now I feel like a couch potato!

5. You’re always optimistic, even when the world seems to be crashing down.

6. You’ll say what’s on your mind instead of always trying to tell people what they want to hear.

7. You’ll be there for a friend unconditionally, but if that friend betrays your trust, you won’t forgive so easily.

8. You don’t like having your picture taken. Hence why we can never video-chat.

9. You have really strong faith in your friends achieving their dreams.

10. You don’t give up on your friends, even at the point when others probably would.

11. You keep a lot of your personal life private and only share what you want to as you get to know someone. There are even things that I don’t completely understand about your past and maybe it’s because I haven’t asked, but maybe it’s because you’re not ready to share it yet.

12. You see everyone as equals – sex, race, religion, background – and get to know them by their individual personality more than “society’s” typical labels.

13. You call dinner “supper.” Which I think is nostalgic because when I was little, my grandparents used to call it that and we call it dinner in my house. So I always noticed that and thought it was cool. (That counts, right? Hahaha.)

14. You take life as it is and don’t expect things to be perfect and wonderful all the time – drama is natural, pain is natural, and the tough times only make you and others stronger.

15. You don’t sugarcoat things… Even for your daughter. You tell it like it is and don’t dumb things down for anyone.

16. You don’t mind not being perfect at everything or anything – in fact, imperfection is more interesting – and you admit you’re human and everyone else is, too. (I think that’s why it’s easy to be your friend because you don’t expect insane things out of everyone.)

17. You’re very deliberate and I believe you know the reaction you’re going to get out of a person before you say/do whatever you’re going to say/do.

18. Following that one, I think you can read people incredibly well. I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but there are things I’ve never verbalized that you know about me and it’s freaky.

19. You don’t let people get away with hurting themselves or putting themselves down. Even if it’s somehow the truth, you put a positive spin on even the most tragic of character flaws.

20. You also don’t let people get away with pulling BS or acting immature. I know that if I start to say something, I better damn be intending on finishing it because you’re going to force it out of me or hang up on me for the night if I don’t. No immature baby stuff around you. And I believe it really makes me – and anyone else you will do it to – a better person for being forced to do something that might be out of a specific comfort level. (AKA Please be a bitch because it makes me like you and respect you more! Haha go figure!)

21. You have an incredible openness about you in which you not only tell people what you’re feeling/thinking about a situation or a person, but you allow others to be open with you, even when it’s something touchy. Even when I’m afraid of coming off rude or mean or something, I know that you won’t take it that way and you’ll understand what I’m saying somehow.

22. You’re a terrific actress, which infuriates me and scares me a lot of time, mostly because you use it to shelter others from worrying about you. Which makes me worry about you more a lot of times because I wonder what’s actually going on with you when you’re telling me you’re fine.

23. I used to think you took notes on things in life because you were really good at remembering stuff I had forgotten. Like when we started talking, for instance. You don’t have notes, right? Haha!

24. You’re spiritual, but I wouldn’t call you religious. I think that deep down, faith is faith and it doesn’t matter what you believe in… What’s important is that you believe in something. And I think that you are very faithful about life in general.

25. You think everything happens for a reason and even if it’s a seemingly negative outcome, it’s going to have a positive message in the long-term scheme of things.

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