Who Am I?

All About Me

♦Who am I?♦

♦Now that is a loaded question! I’m a very complex & complicated woman (but aren’t all women?) My mind is frightening territory, so it is best not to even attempt to understand it.

♦I usually can be found following the beat of a different drummer — Definitely NOT a herd creature!

♦I have lived a crazy life that has made me smarter, capable, and more often than not, a bit overbearing. LOL However….I am also extremely sensitive, fun, and passionate. So, once you get past my hard crabby shell, you learn to love me. I will be one of the most loyal friends you will ever have, as long as you don’t backstab, lie to me, try to pull one over on me… etc.

♦I am down to earth most of the time. I am laid back socially, not very heavy into the bar scenes or large parties, but I can be very passionate with the right people.

♦I am friendly to those who are courteous, respectful of others’ feelings and limitations.

♦Then there is the other side of which is a pretentious bitch hell-bent on the destruction of social order through deliberate and continued application of at least five of the seven deadly sins every day. (I was shooting for all seven, but had to scale back recently as there are only so many hours in a day and there are a few of those sins that are best not rushed.)

♦I enjoy a good bottle of wine (and sometimes a bad one) and someone who can discuss religion and oral sex equally well. I can have a caustic sense of humor and a deep fondness for insulting the ignorant and the stupid. In the rare instance that I can’t outsmart you, I will not hesitate to diss yo’ mama (or your dog, or your sister… you get the idea). I have a penchant for whiners, liars, cheaters, drama-mongers, circus-caliber freaks and people who don’t brush their teeth… but we ALL have standards.

♦ I have a wonderful daughter who means the world to me. While she maybe an only child, at times, it does feel like I have ten kids. You should be warned though, if you hurt “MY Spawn” I will make Hannibal Lector look like Glenda the good witch. Plus I know a guy who owns a feed grinder and has some very hungry sows…Are we clear?

♦I enjoy working on the computer with graphics, writing blogs, spending time with my family and sleeping.

♦I am better at answering questions than asking them, better at giving than receiving, I avoid conflict whenever possible, but I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. I have values and morals, although at times, it is hard to see them.

♦You will never find me on the cover of Victoria Secret, but you wont find me on the cover of Tent & Awning either. I am always somewhere in the middle with everything in life.

♦I prefer backstage rather than the spotlight. I am someone who can be ‘playful’ when desired, ‘serious’ when necessary, and ‘sensitive’ enough to know which is appropriate when.

♦So, you managed to read this far and I haven’t scared ya away or you haven’t decided that I am an arrogant, psycho bitch…But you might be scared to write. My answer to you is… DON’T BE! Got a question for me? Go ahead and ask it!!

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